House clearing, de-cluttering and downsizing

  • Helping to downsize, ready for a move
  • Assisting with the often difficult task of clearing a deceased friend or family member's property, in readiness for sale

Are you reluctant to go into the loft?

Has the spare room become the ‘junk room’?

Would you like to be able to park your car in the garage?

Let us help you retrieve your space. We will clear all items with a forensic diligence, so any items with a value can be sold by the right specialist.

At any stage of life, a move to a smaller residence can mean it is time to reduce our possessions. Although it might appear daunting, downsizing can be wonderfully liberating, enabling you to focus on the things that truly make you happy. At spaciallyaware, we work with clients to prepare them for a move both to smaller properties and nursing homes. Allow us to support you or your loved one to make downsizing a positive and enjoyable experience.

Additionally, we support families, often at an emotionally difficult time, who have to tackle clearing the property of a family member or friend. Our legal background means we are well-positioned to advise on the required documentation for disposal of items, and provide a warm, sympathetic helping hand throughout the process.

We also work with and assist professionals such as accountants and solicitors to ensure a property is cleared promptly and efficiently, and left well-presented to maximise its sale potential and avoid unnecessary delays in the administration of an estate.